Relaxation from head to foot

Let the soul dangle

Take some time out in our in-house wellness and spa area! In addition to the classic Finnish sauna (95°) for heat-seekers, we also offer a bio-herbal sauna (65°). For those who prefer an even gentler experience, we recommend our steam bath – wonderful relaxation at moderate temperatures, surrounded by warm misty clouds – so even a possibly rainy day is easy to endure. Afterwards you have the possibility to spend some comfortable hours in the rest area or to regenerate even deeper with a massage. At the end of your stay at Seehotel Dr. Jilly you will have experienced a new level of relaxation!

Also on vacation

conquer one's weaker self

Those who like to work out always and everywhere and do not want to miss out on sports sessions even on vacation are in good hands at the Seehotel Dr. Jilly. Because small but nice is our in-house fitness area, which is available to our guests free of charge. Cycling a lap on the home trainer? Or would you rather maximize your biceps while weightlifting? Train as you please and then cool off with a dip in the wonderfully refreshing Wörthersee or give your muscles a well-deserved rest with a subsequent massage.